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Product Details
    Long a leader in DVD-based navigation systems, Alpine has now turned its expertise to creating an accurate, easy-to-use portable navigator. Enter the PMD-B100 Blackbird, a conveniently compact package with a vivid 3.6" color screen that's highly visible at a glance. Touchscreen controls make it easy to access the built-in maps, program the system, and enter destinations. And it can even monitor real-time traffic conditions in certain areas (subsription required).

    You can navigate to specific addresses, town centers, or intersections, to name a few. Or you can pick one of the six million points of interest preloaded into the system, including restaurants, hotels, airports, and gas stations. You can even ask the display to show you icons of points of interest along the way, making finding services and attractions that much easier.

    The Blackbird also features a built-in receiver that makes it compatible with NAVTEQ Traffic RDS™. Subscribe to NAVTEQ Traffic, and you can receive real-time information on traffic conditions along your programmed route. These include traffic jams, emergency situations, construction, and more. You'll be able to adjust your route and avoid traffic snags — an invaluable tool especially if you have long daily commutes to and from work. NAVTEQ Traffic is currently available only in select markets

    To make your trip even more fun, set up to ten points you'd like to visit on the way to your destination. You can also customize your route preferences, like asking the Blackbird to avoid toll roads, for example. Voice prompts delivered over the built-in speaker warn you whenever a turn is coming up. If you miss a turn, the Blackbird will recalculate automatically for you.

    You can also use the Blackbird to store and enjoy your favorite MP3 music files. Just save them to a digital media card (SD or MMC), slide the card in the slot, and you're ready to go. You can even plug a set of headphones into the built-in headphone jack and use the Blackbird as a portable MP3 player.

    Alpine built in a rechargeable battery so you can use the Blackbird outside of the car. The package also includes a windscreen mount, along with car and home power adapters.

Technical Specifications
    • Turn-by-turn GPS navigation system

    • 22 Maps of Europe onboard

    • TMC Traffic Information

    • UK 7 Digit Postcode Entry

    • 4GB drive with pre-installed map data

    • Mounting cradle with built-in FM modulator and amplified speaker

    • USB 2.0 Connection for map database updates

    • Centrality Atlas II ARM9 CPU with embedded 16 channel GPS

    LCD Display
    • 3.6" digital LCD with anti-glare touch screen and 16.7 million possible colors

    • Remote control sensor

    • LCD Type: TFT Active Matrix

    • Number of Picture Elements: 230,400 pcs (320 x 240 x 3)

    • Effective Number of Picture Elements: 99.99% or more

    • Illumination System: LED

    Music Playback
    • Playback from MMC/SD Card Slot

    • Stereo audio jack for headphones

    • MP3 and WMA Playback

    • Stereo audio jack size: 3.5mm

    • Stereo audio jack output (S/N): 90 dB

    • FM Frequency Selection: Frequency Band (12 Channels)- 88.1 MHz, 88.3 MHz, 88.5 MHz, 88.7

    • MHz, 88.9 MHz, 106.7 MHz, 106.9 MHz, 107.1 MHz, 107.3 MHz, 107.5 MHz, 107.7 MHz, 107.9 MHz

    • Chassis Size (W x H x D) 145mm x 74mm x 29mm

    • Weight: 227g

    Box Contents
    • Blackbird main unit

    • Protective case/sleeve

    • USB cable

    • Windshield mounting cradle

    • At home charger

    • Wiping cloth (1pc)

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