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Product Details
  • Control iPod? features directly from the MM station or overhead with full on-screen menu

  • KCE-425i interface will be controlled as external DVD source from any Alpine touch screen monitor

  • Album Art display

  • Build playlists on the fly with “My Jukebox”

  • Multiple screen savers and visualizers

  • Page Scroll for fast navigation through long lists of songs

  • Multi-lingual navigation available

  • Composite or high quality S-Video output

Technical Specifications

    General :
    • Aux A/V Inputs and 1Aux V Out (3 AUX A/V Inputs, 2 Aux Out with Optional VPE-V431)

    • Full Speed Control

    • Remote Control Included

    • 50W x 4 High Power Amplifier

    • 3 PreOuts (2V)

    • 3-Mode Visual Enhancer / Spectrum Analyzer (with Optional VPE-V431)

    • Bass Engine

    • Subwoofer Level Control

    • Bass Center Frequency Control

    • Bass Band Width Adjustment

    • Treble Center Frequency Control

    • OEM Steering Remote Ready

    • MM Driver Ready (Hard Disc Drive Ready)

    • Separate Bass & Treble Control

    • Fader & Balance Controls

    • Loudness

    • Clock

    • Dimmer-on Input

    • Dedicated Navigation Input

    • Navigation Audio Mix

    • Power Antenna Lead

    • Remote-on Lead

    • Audio Interrupt In

    • Demo Function

    • Audio Mute

    • CD Changer Control Function

    • Limited Non-Refundable 30 Days Return Policy

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