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Product Details

LRx 3.1 MT, 900W (RMS), 3.1 channel: three equal AB Class channels of 100W (RMS) each are combined with 600W (RMS) D Class mono subwoofer section. This amplifier is the perfect solution to Left-Center-Right + subwoofer(s) mobile theatre applications. It can also be used to drive Center-Surround + subwoofer(s) in systems where a separate amplifier(s) like the Thesis HV Venti is used to drive the Left-Right channels for those demanding unparalleled traditional stereo reproduction.
Product Features
  • Distorsion-THD(1kHz@4Ω)A,CentreCh: 0.03%

  • Distorsion-THD(100Hz@4Ω)A,SubCh: 0.5 %

  • Bandwidth (-3 dB) A, Centre Ch: 4 Ω 58k Hz

  • Bandwidth (-3 dB) Sub Ch: 4 Ω 700 Hz

  • S/NRatio(Aweighted@1V) A,CentreCh: 105 dB

  • S/NRatio (A weighted@1V)SubCh: 85 dB

  • Dampingfactor (1kHz@4Ω)A, CentreCh: 200

  • Dampingfactor (100Hz@4Ω)SubCh: 90

  • Input sensitivity: 0.3 Ω 5 V

  • Input impedance: 15k Ω

  • Speaker-In sensitivity: 1.4 Ω 24 V

  • Speaker-In impedance: 5k Ω

  • Load impedance MIN: 3Chx4Ω+1Chx2Ω

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