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Product Details

  • Thanks to dual sounds system, SRx 1 is able to thoroughly satisfy the most demanding listeners& needs allowing them to choose between 2 unique and outstanding sounds, Acoustic & Electric Bass. The connection through the speakers in inputs lets SRx 1 be used also with those head units which aren&t equipped with remote turn on controls: the amplifier turns on automatically; besides, it can supply the other amplifier with the remote out signal.
Technical Specifications
  • PRE-OUT pass-through from high level SPEAKERS-IN input

  • Fully by-passable crossover FILTERS

  • Removable panel to conceal and protect controls and wiring

  • Solid aluminium heatsink construction

  • Fanless convection cooling system

  • Power transistors fixed with spiral springs, providing a 50% increase in pressure

  • Built in SUBWOOFER volume control module, requires only the connection of optional VCRA controller

  • Electronic thermal control system rolls back output power in two levels (-1,5dB 165°C; -3dB 1 75°C)

  • Fuse located on the control panel for easy replacement

  • Connections: Power supply terminal accepts 7 mm diameter (4 AWG) cable Speaker terminal accepts 4.5 mm diameter (8 AWG) cables

  • Hi Level speaker and remote turn-on terminals equipped with removable connectors with screw fastening "D" class topology, delivering 550W at 4 ohms and 1150W power at 1 Ohm Ability to "bridge" with another SRx1 D for increased power output up to 2300W (0 20 "Amp Chain Mode" function to connect amplifiers together using only the first as the "master" for amplifier controls

  • Continuously adjustable phase control

  • Adjustable Subsonic Filter

  • Frequency and level adjustable parametric equalizer
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