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Hertz ES250D ชุดเครื่องเสียง รถยนต์
Product Details

More power and flexibility for your subwoofer section. ES double voice coil models permit to make connections in series and in parallel and to increase the number of speakers in order to choose the type of connection and to use all the power your amplifier can supply. Double voice coil, i.e.: double power, double efficiency, smaller boxes. Typology, overall dimensions, versatility, the best solution to every need; your bass will be always up to your expectations.
Technical Specifications
  • High thermal dissipation and magnetic permeability plates, providing constant, even flux.

  • Large double magnet, for perfect control under high power, high excursion conditions.

  • Copper voice coil, wound on aluminium former, for startling thermal and mechanical capacity.

  • Back plate vent holes, for very good thermal dissipation.

  • Back Vented Spider support, for perfect symmetry under high excursion and thermal dissipation.

  • Butyl rubber gasket provides ideal coupling to the mounting surface, damping basket resonance.

  • Butyl rubber magnet ring provides protection against abrasions.

  • Internally reinforced basket, protected from abrasions by high resistance paint.

  • High current, tin-plated terminals.

  • Silver plated silicone shielded lead wires for maximum reliability and conductivity.

  • Basket and motor coupled and damped through special epoxy glue.

  • Wide-wave, resin-bonded fibre spider for mechanical reliability and consistent parameters.

  • High density Foam surround, for linear movement even under high excursion conditions.

  • Water-repellent pressed paper cone.

  • Max Power handling: 500W

  • RMS Power handling: 250W

  • Impedence: Dual 4-ohm, can be wired as 2ohm or 8ohm

  • Frequency response: 28-300Hz

  • Sensitivity: 91.5dB

  • Outer diameter: 264mm

  • Mounting diameter: 234mm

  • Mounting depth: 119mm

  • Product Description

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