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Hertz HP1D ชุดเครื่องเสียง รถยนต์
Product Details

Hertz HP 1 D is a D Class mono amplifier with 2300W (RMS) power on 1 Ohm. The special feature HP LINK provides the ability of two amplifiers to operate in bridged mode to obtain extremely high powers. The whole HP line is equipped with many innovative functions which make it simply unique. HP MANAGER? is a system provided with a microprocessor which thanks to an LCD display controls and notifies about the amplifier working status and the audio system. HP SPEAKER INPUT is an input realized with removable connectors. It allows you to connect the amplifier directly to the head unit speakers output and to turn the amplifier on automatically with no need of a remote turn on signal. Besides, thanks to it the HERTZ HP amplifiers can be employed also with head units that are not provided with pre-amplified outputs and with remote turn on signal, for extreme versatile interface. HP RVC and RBC are a level remote control device and a low frequency remote equalizer, to manage and optimize the subwoofer response while comfortably driving. Ideal to drive high power subwoofers, Hertz HP 1 D shows an exclusive and essential design: compact and linear, it fits any installation, with no limits to creativity.
Technical Specifications
  • Output Power (RMS):
    700W x 1 @4-ohm
    1400W x 1 @2-ohm
    2300W x 1 @1-ohm

  • Bandwith (-3 dB): 4 - 350Hz

  • S/N Ratio (A weighted @1V): 87dBA

  • Damping Factor (100Hz @4-ohm): 100

  • Pre-In sensitivity: 0.4-5Volts

  • Pre-In impedence: 15 kohms

  • Speaker-In sensitivity: 1.4-24Volts

  • Speaker-in impendence@ 5kOhms

  • Load impendence: 4-1Ohms

  • Power supply voltage: 11 - 16Volts

  • Idling current: 2.6A

  • Idling current when off: 0.05mA

  • Consumption @1, 14.4VDC: 120A

  • Remote In: 7-16 VDC - 1mA

  • Remote Out: 12 VDC - 50mA

  • Automatic Turn On/Off with speaker in

  • Fuse: 300A (AFS - external)

  • HP RVC (Digital remote Volume Control): Level: -36, +6dB

  • Dimensions (mm): 240 x 548 x 55
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