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Product Details
  • For use with Pioneer A/V and Navigation products featuring a Rear View Camera Input

  • Adjustable (Normal/High) viewing angle for easy assessment of parking space width and depth

  • Lens Correction for undistorted rear view image

  • Camera position compensation rotates the image for optional rear view without changing camera position, even if the camera is not installed in the middle of the rear and aimed horizontally

Technical Specifications
    • Compatible with al Pioneer AVH models

    • NTSC video signal

    • 1/4 inch Color CCD with 270,000 resolution (491 x 512 pixels)

    • Visible range: 135 degrees horizontal & 100 degrees vertical

    • Adjustable viewing angles

    • Lens correction for undistorted rear-view image

    • 1.5 ~ 10,000 Lux Automatic Luminance Control for great detail and contrast even in low light

    • Camera Unit Dimensions: 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch

    • Composite Video Output

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